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Site Under Reconstruction

The website for Gilead Foundations Charity is currently offline while we update it, but we are very much up and running on the ground. Our team is upgrading our old website to make it easier for you to find the information you need about Gilead - we want to hear from you in the meantime!
Whatever you would like to know about Gilead, you can contact us through our Facebook page.
For all enquires please contact GFC directly on 01837 851 240 where your enquiry can be dealt with accordingly.
Or email: regarding applications to our rehabilitation program.

Volunteer Opportunities
As well as offering support for people recovering from addictions, we have a number of volunteer or staff opportunities for UK citizens right now - go to our Facebook page and message us, or contact us by phone or email for more details.

If you're trying to make a donation to the charitable work of Gilead, you can donate on the Paypal website, using the link above. Alternatively give us a call - we are very grateful for your support.

Our Mission Statement:
'to promote the mental and physical restoration of persons suffering from compulsive behaviours or similar problems by providing accommodation and support, in connection therewith by teaching them the principles and values of the Christian faith and advancing their development - including the teaching of life skills - so as to better enable them to cope with the business of life.'